So you know that feeling when you were little and you were at the top of a water slide and you'd never been that high up before? Or maybe as an adult at the top of a cliff? I imagine that's the same feeling you'd get when bungee jumping (though I don't know if I'm brave -- or crazy! -- enough to try that...)

I'm just going for the feeling right now. You know that feeling, where you're threatened with feeling overwhelmed? Or you're at a fork in the road?

That's where I'm at now.

I'm standing at a crossroads, at a door, at the precipice of something amazing and wonderful and challenging and awesome all tangled up together.

I have that small knot in my stomach, or butterflies, if you will, but it's not paralyzing me like it used to usually do.

For the first time in a VERY long time (if not ever!), I feel empowered in this uncertain, not-quite-sure-what-is-about-to-happen moment. I used to only make "safe" decisions, even if I was trusting God in them. This decision definitely doesn't feel as "safe" or as predictable. But I feel like I have resources and friends and tools that I've grown to use well, and a network to support me. I feel God's guidance and wisdom in the direction I'm headed, even if it feels scary and new.

I've grown SO MUCH in these past 2 years. And I can't wait to keep growing: emotionally, relationally, musically, physically in wellness, professionally, spiritually...

Who's with me? Ready to jump?


  1. Hi
    Your blog is wonderful. So many great inspiring thoughts. As a teacher I also suffer from mind body issues. I am still figuring things out.
    Andrea Orem AUTHOR  07/23/2020 11:25 AM Central
    Thanks for stopping by, Kim. I hope you can find relief, and if you want any ideas or stories from my own experiences, I'm happy to have a conversation with you. Praying relief and abundance for you!
  2. Hi
    Your blog is wonderful!

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