Vocal Coaching & Music Lessons
with Andrea Orem

For Speakers & Singers & interested musicians

Does your voice get really tired and worn out after only an hour or two of speaking?

Or maybe you've always disliked how to speak or sing... or worse, people make fun of you for how you sound.

Have you ever said to yourself or others, "I just can't sing. But I really want to!"

You CAN! All of us can. You just need a knowledgeable guide to teach you simple tools and steps to take to learn how and help when you get stuck so that you don't stay stuck.

***1-on-1 vocal coaching (for speaking or singing) is very personal to the individual in terms of how long it may take them to learn and internalize and demonstrate specific skills, so I don't typically put a specific timeframe on how many sessions it may take someone to reach their desired vocal goals. But I am very communicative in the process and what I see are the goals during sessions, feedback along the way, action items to take between sessions to practice, and when goals have been met to mutual satisfaction. 

I teach music lessons for those interested in learning to play the ukulele and beginner piano as well! Children and adults alike benefit from learning an instrument. I teach students ranging in age from 5 (occasional 4 yos who are developmentally ready to take a lesson for 30-minutes) to 95! My most mature student currently is in her 80s, it's never too late! :)