The Ins & Outs
of Informances:
What You Need to Know
+ Resources for Success
with Andrea Orem

For Music Teachers

Getting tired of performances and the rush to get young students ready for them?

Feeling like you're wasting precious class time on helping them memorize songs to piece together a concert?

Wanting to give your middle schoolers taking general music an outlet to share
without forcing them into a performance setting?

Struggling with the idea that concerts don't feel developmentally appropriate for young students?

The Ins & Outs of Informances

This course features...

~What is an informance & how to present the idea/change to school administration or organization leadership
~Shifting the culture & getting parents on board
~Structuring an informance - what to include & what NOT to include
~Scheduling challenges - when to have it & some ideas to problem-solve

~Multiple example informances, educational slides for showing during one, printable handout templates

~Access to the student group for life - bounce ideas off of each other, share successes, ask questions, & more!
~A live Q&A with Andrea (pre-sale bonus only, replay will be included in the course afterwards)