Music Leadership Coaching
with Andrea Orem

For New Self-Employed Music Teachers or Wanna-Be Self-Employed Music Teachers

Feel overwhelmed with your new teaching position or the steps it will take to go freelance?

Always wanted to teach a choir or lead a music class for your church or homeschool co-op but don't know how?

Maybe you're a great singer but have NO idea how to teach that to others.

Here's where Music Leadership Coaching can come alongside you to fill in those gaps and give you confidence and the exact tools you need without the crazy cost of college or the extra courses you don't REALLY need in a music education degree. And if you're skilled in these areas but just need help moving to self-employment, I got you there too! That's exactly what I did.

You CAN! You just need a knowledgeable guide to teach you simple tools and steps to take

to learn how and help when you get stuck so that you don't stay stuck.

***1-on-1 coaching is very customized to the individual in terms of how long it may take them to learn, internalize, and demonstrate skills & techniques, so I don't typically put a specific timeframe on how many sessions it may take someone to reach their desired goals. But I am very communicative in the process and what I see are the goals during sessions, feedback along the way, action items to take between sessions to practice, and when goals have been met to mutual satisfaction. 

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by Andrea Orem, creator of the TMJ Strong course