No More Pulling!
Walking Your Dog with Joy

For Dogs and Puppies alike!
   by Andrea Orem

Does your dog pull a lot on walks? Get really distracted by squirrels or rabbits or other dogs? Maybe your shoulder hurts from the pulling and you can't focus on a conversation with a friend while walking. You wish that you could take your pup with you to enjoy parks or trails or other populated places, but you're nervous about your dog's safety should she pull too hard for you and you can't control her.

Or maybe you just got a puppy -- congratulations!! And you want to know how to start the good walking skills early on because let's face it, it's SO much easier to start good skills when they're small and can't hurt you on a walk! Try starting leash walking training with a 90-lb ball of furry energy that can yank you down the sidewalk -- it's so much easier to start when they're little, I can tell you from experience.

Or your family member just got a puppy and you want to give one of the best gifts ever: good leash manners. :)

You and your dog(s) are going to learn SO much and grow in so many ways that go way beyond enjoying walks together, though that's the goal of this course. You'll lay the foundation for all sorts of different things you could want to train!
All from the comfort of your own living room & neighborhood.

What's included:
  • The preamble: laying a foundation for a dog that is trainable
  • What loose-leash walking actually is & what tools you'll need and/or want.
  • The first day: what to expect
  • When to introduce distractions & how to navigate them
  • How to recoup after a setback & problem-solving
  • Fun stretch goals! "sniff walks" or "stopping to sniff" or running with your dog