TMJ Strong with Andrea Orem
For Fed-Up, Option-Seeking TMJ Warriors

Do you experience frequent headaches and earaches and ear ringing? Maybe your teeth hurt. Or your jaw just aches something awful, especially after sleeping or eating or singing or a stressful situation.

Maybe you’ve even seen professionals to get help with TMJ issues like I did, but it wasn’t super helpful, aside from them telling you to eat soft foods and stop chewing gum and limit your singing. Maybe they gave you a custom splint to help with the grinding or clenching, but it isn’t really helping. It’s protecting your teeth (which is important!), but you need ways to actually stop the grinding & clenching.

Perhaps the professionals want you to take meds (like they told me) but you can’t because you’re sensitive like I am or you just don’t want to take them or you are taking them but they're not enough, so you're also looking for alternative options.

Even trickier, maybe they’re recommending surgery! Or you've been through surgery already and need practical ideas for dealing with recovery.

Surgery was a brief consideration for me too, until I realized how risky it was and wanted to try another way first.

So I set out for a different way, and started this option-seeking journey.

I’m here to tell you that I found what works for me, finally! It took some trial and error and quite a bit of time (almost 5 years, whew!) because there are multiple factors at play oftentimes with jaw issues. I was doing it on my own, but I wish there was someone who could have walked me through it and shown me how. That would have saved me a lot of valuable time and years of life living with limited energy, spoons (if you know about spoon theory, you know what I’m talking about), and chronic pain.

So I’m here to be that person, that guide, for YOU, like Imee shared recently:

In this course, I walk step by step through 7 different factors and 5 other considerations that could be at play impacting jaw and TMJ and ear/facial area and the pain happening. I spent years researching and trialing various natural methods to address the factors impacting my TMJ issues, and have found the exact protocol that works for me. I’ve been thriving for almost 8 years now with this protocol, tweaking and perfecting it.

I’m no medical professional, just another woman who has walked through it and come out the other side thriving. I’m here to inspire you, to educate, to empower you to advocate for yourself especially when speaking with professionals, and to hold your hand, walking through this with you so it isn’t so lonely and scary and frustrating.

I’ve also included 3 interviews with brilliant minds who helped me on my journey, a bonus module for caregivers, PDFs that list each of the things I did in an easy-to-reference way, and action steps to get you moving on your journey with real-life applications you can start today.

I’ve shared tips with a handful of friends, and some of the same things I’ve done have helped them too!

Like Laura, you can experience progress:

So now I’ve packaged all my ideas and protocol (and even things that are not in my protocol any longer but that may help you!) because I want to make this journey less drawn out and simpler for you. I made it just the way I would have loved to take it 12 years ago when my issues started.

I'm happy to do coaching with you as you progress through the course to customize it for you if you want it. The course + coaching bundle includes 1 coaching call to drill down on the most practical steps for you to take first. More coaching for follow-up is available also to see how those action steps are helping you, tweak if necessary, and keep you moving forward.

Or you're welcome to take the course on it's own and decide later about coaching! I'm here to serve you, however that looks best for you.

Here's what Sandy Davis had to say about the course:

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by Andrea Orem, TMJ Strong course creator