Things I Like!

  • Cook Once, Eat All Week Cookbook! So much Yummmm. And my new favorite, Cook Once Dinner Fix.
  • Shower non slip mat

  • Mom life -- things I recommend for littles, moms, sleep, and more!

  • Conversational Solfege is my favorite way to teach rhythm & pitch reading.

  • Deal with migraines? Sensory overload/emotional disregulation? Chronic pain (like I used to with daily TMJ issues)? The WAVwatch has been a game changer for SO many of us. You can learn more about it here and save $100 with code ANDREAO100!

  • I have the FLATTEST feet on the planet and have really benefitted from Protalus inserts. They even have a convenient subscription option so I don't forget to order.

  • My favorite vocal exploration toys! The flying disco ball, skyrocopters, foam airplanes, and popper toys (I have the shark).

  • Newest elementary music book find: based on Bob Marley's 3 Little Birds. ❤️

  • I just can't get enough of these cute googly eye ring guys! My students LOVE them for vocal warm-ups and just plain fun.

  • The BEST keyboard to have at home! It has weighted keys, a pedal, adapters for headphones, full size, and more!

  • Looking for a good planner? I really like this cute one from Eccolo with stickers, dividers, and 18 months instead of 12.

  • Are you a musician and need a fun journal? I actually made this one because I wanted one like it. :)

  • Losing your voice? Need to project your voice a lot? Using a mic or voice amplification system can really save you. Here's one I recommend for use with a small amp, stage speaker, or other supported system.

  • My current for-fun book to read. Humans of New York: Stories

  • The Daily Grace Company makes beautiful Bibles and studies you can check out their stuff hereUsually I do an advent study at Christmas time, contact me to join the Marco Polo discussion group. :)

Beginner Ukulele Resources

Recommended ukuleles for beginners to choose from that have good strings and will hold a tune well for a new player (very important! so you don't get frustrated with tuning as much):


Binder or folder for music.

The first book I recommend can be bought on Amazon here: I also have purchased the rights to share it for free with all of my students, so email me for the link to the digital copy. :) I start all of my students (adults and children) with this book and supplement as each student is ready, hopefully with songs of their interest!

by Andrea Orem, TMJ Strong course creator