Mom Life Recommendations

  • These sleep sacks are the softest things EVER. We've got 2 in each size!
  • We love these baby board books filled with God's truth. They have great devotionals, older kids books, and studies for the whole family!

  • Of the different brands of baby booties we've tried, Zutano booties stay on the best!

  • I love Pannolino Bambino's cloth diapers! Particularly the ones with double hip snaps.

  • These cotton doublers are great to add additional absorbency for nighttime diapers. They're trim and hold quite a bit!

  • We love this baby wrap. She's even attended choir concerts and rehearsals in it! Both asleep and awake. :)

  • Shower non slip mat

  • Deal with migraines? Sensory overload/emotional disregulation? Chronic pain (like I used to with daily TMJ issues)? The WAVwatch has been a game changer for SO many of us. You can learn more about it here and save $100 with code ANDREAO100!

  • I have the FLATTEST feet on the planet and have really benefitted from Protalus inserts. They even have a convenient subscription option so I don't forget to order.

  • Struggling with newborn sleep, or sleep within the first 2 years? Let's face it, I think that's the hardest part of new parenthood. Check out Taking Cara Babies class with actual tips & tricks that don't require CIO. <3

  • Pregnant or know someone who is? This Natural Pregnancy Week-by-Week book is SO good. Tons of helpful info, and good questions to ask yourself/your providers along the way as you make decisions.

  • My maternity pillow has been heaven-sent for better sleep!

  • My current growth/learning book to read. Risen Motherhood

  • The Daily Grace Company makes beautiful Bibles and studies you can check out their stuff hereUsually I do an advent study at Christmas time, contact me to join the Marco Polo discussion group. :)

by Andrea Orem, TMJ Strong course creator