Absolute Will
co-authored by Andrea Orem

Released October 26th, 2021

Absolute Will includes stories by 21 amazing women from 7 countries sharing their personal, vulnerable TRUE STORIES of drawing on their determination and willpower to get through physical injuries, emotional trauma, mental health crises, and chronic disease.

It's also a fundraiser! All profits (after expenses) from the co-author collaborator entrance fees & sales collected are put towards building a HOUSE for a family on Big Corn Island in Nicaragua!

If you are ready to be inspired in a way you never thought possible, then this book is for you. From injuries to chronic illnesses to disabilities, the stories of overcoming and willpower in this book will inspire you to believe you can go through just about anything and come out the other side stronger. Overcoming struggle, whether it be through illness, loss, violence, or grief means that you are a conqueror and we celebrate you. May the stories in this collaboration inspire you to be more.

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