Teach Music YOUR Way
Homeschool Co-ops, Church Choirs
& Mentorship for New Music Teachersan A-Z Guide for Newbies

by Andrea Orem

Musician, Entrepreneur, Course Creator, Teacher, Best-Selling Author, & Coach
Get help as a new teacher with...
  •  What to do the first day/week
  • Classroom management
  • Planning and executing concerts well
  • Navigating grades and assessments
  • What to teach each age level Pre-K - 12th
  • How to manage planning time
  • Good ways to build relationship with students
  • What about kids with stage fright?
  • After school programs
  • Investing in yourself -- what resources are worth it
  • How to pick curriculum that's right for you
  • Staying sane -- self-care done well
  • Lesson planning -- weekly, monthly, long-range: yearly, multi-yearly
  • And more

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