Hacks to Cheaper Meals for Raw-Fed Dogs

   by Andrea Orem

Did you know that most dog food kibbles are like fast food for dogs and contain a lot of ingredients that aren't really optimal for a dog's long-term health and development? Once I learned this, I started looking into what it would take to raw feed my dog.

I assumed that raw feeding was going to be super expensive and really unaffordable for a younger person

like me working to save for my family and retirement and other goals right now.

I was so pleased once I started dabbling into it (you can do part-raw, full-raw doesn't have to be the only option)!

My dog, Aries, has been thriving on the raw diet since we switched over.
And believe it or not, I've saved hundreds of dollars compared to what I initially estimated it would
cost me just by implementing these hacks. Does it take more time? A little bit. 
But if time = money, then the trade-off is worth it to me right now. And it may be for you too!

Need a little more guidance and hand-holding?
I'm not a dog nutritionist or holistic vet, but I know how to make meals for my pup,
and I can walk you through the basics of getting started with DIY without overwhelm.