It's Not Just Okay to Cry, It's Good to Cry
The last two weeks have been emotional and a big deal for our whole world, not to mention specifically my state and city of Minneapolis, MN right now. I'd be lying if I didn't acknowledge the hurt I'm seeing from ALL sides -- my black brothers and sisters, my friends who are law enforcement or have law enforcement in their families, business owners, my other friends of color, friends who are religiously and culturally different from me....

It's a painful moment to be alive in the world.

But it is also one of the BEST times to be alive, to be part of the change.

NEVER give up hope that positive change is coming, whether that is societal change, health change, mindset change, job change, friend change... Instead of worrying about whether change will come, be active in making that dream a reality. BE the change. ❤️ 

That being said...

It's OKAY to cry. Actually, it's not just okay.

It is GOOD to cry. Why?

4 Reasons It's GOOD to Cry

1) Emotional tears contain higher levels of stress hormones than do reflex tears (when you get something in your eye, for example). What does this mean? Our bodies are naturally regulating and releasing excess stress hormones so that we don't have problems of too much stress. Emotional tears also are said to contain more mood-regulating hormones than other types of tears. Helping our hormones balance naturally is important for these regulations to happen.

2) Crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system, helping restore the body to a state of balance. I don't know about you, but I'm all about balance in the body. Especially during times of change and uncertainty, it's important to strive for balance.

3) Some psychologists even say that we're doing ourselves a disservice by NOT tearing up on a regular basis. Crying in a healthy setting shows we are able to let down our defenses, let down our guard, and in that context, it can be a very healthy thing for our body, a process of opening ourselves up in a different way.

4) Crying shows our humanity. It shows we are connecting with others and relating on a level that we don't always understand (and frankly, we don't have to). I believe crying is a deep part of being human.

I know crying is very uncomfortable for some (goodness, it's taken me a VERY long time to be okay with crying, regardless of the reason why), but I think it brings so much healing when we're able to learn to be real with ourselves, to be open and honest, to let our guard down and cry when we feel we need it (or even if we mentally don't want to, but our bodies need it).

So there you have it! Lean into the tears, dear friends. Lean into the discomfort. Change is coming... I pray real, lasting change. I'm here for you.

Need someone to lean on and listen, like I described above? I cherish the opportunity to do that for those around me. I'd love to be that for you, too, really. Truly! And I have a group of like-minded people who love to do this for me and one another, too. You're welcome to join us here. I also have a 30 Days to Balance & Clarity growth group digging deep and leaning into one another for support and growth on this mindset/emotions journey as we learn to balance our hormones naturally and support all of our body systems. Learn more about that here.


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