I know that this time of year (but really all the time... let's face it) is hard on families with small children. Colds and flu and back-to-school hit us hard! So many people ask me how I support our family to 1) try not to get hit so often and 2) support us through the experience when we do come down with something.

Here are my Top 5 Tools for supporting our family throughout the year, but especially now:

1. Aged Garlic Liquid -- this is HUGE if your family deals with all the ear problems... iykyk. I use it for the little one while nursing so that it stays in the ear longer while she's on her side. You can put it inside the ear or take it by mouth!

2. These cough drops and all the stuff on this list -- if you're dealing with the respiratory stuff, we seem especially susceptible to that around here! But we LOVE these cough drops and the chest rub. So worth it.

3. Using a steam inhaler is super helpful for breaking up gunk -- babies can't use it, but the shower has the same steam effect for them! Standing in the bathroom while the hot shower is running can help.

4. Getting in plenty of fluids and antioxidants! We love these electrolyte drops in our water and this supplement for supporting the happy cells to do their work in the body.

5. Drinking echinacea tea! I made it for me and baby girl last week and cooled hers with an ice cube. :)

Hope this helps! Having these on hand has made a world of a difference for us when the ick strikes.


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