My Secret Sourdough Starter Ingredient
When it comes to baking sourdough, I've always been on a quest for that great rise and just the right balance of tanginess, chewiness, and crustiness for my various recipes. Recently, I stumbled upon a game-changer that took my sourdough to the next level: whey from homemade yogurt.

Let's rewind a bit. Like many, I enjoy making my own yogurt at home. It's a simple process with delicious results. But after straining the yogurt to get that creamy texture, I found myself staring at the leftover whey, wondering if there was a better way to use it. That's when inspiration struck – why not try it in my sourdough starter?

So, I swapped out all or most of the water in my usual sourdough starter recipe for whey, and the results were nothing short of fantastic. Not only did it add a subtle tanginess to the bread, but it also seemed to kickstart the fermentation process, giving my starter an extra boost. Plus, it felt good knowing I was putting that leftover whey to good use as I often struggle to find more ways to use and not waste the whey.

The benefits of using whey in sourdough go beyond flavor and fermentation. Whey is packed with nutrients and probiotics, thanks to its origins in yogurt. It's like giving your sourdough a little health boost with every use in a recipe. And for someone like me who's always looking for ways to eat a little better, that's a win-win.

So if you're making yogurt at home and find yourself with leftover whey, don't toss it out! Give it a try in your sourdough starter and see what happens. You might just be pleased with the results – I was! The secret to great sourdough isn't about fancy techniques or exotic ingredients. It's about being open to trying new things and making the most of what you have on hand. And for me, that means repurposing the whey from my homemade yogurt and letting it elevate my sourdough game to new heights.


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