How to Make Cloth Diapering Work as a Teacher
I know mom life can be crazy, and teacher life can be equally crazy... put the two together, and sometimes you feel like you can't even think straight! I get it, mama.

Maybe you've been eyeing cloth diapers for the eco friendly reasons, the financial savings, or because your little one keeps getting rashes in disposables... but you just don't know if you can make it work while teaching because your baby goes to daycare or because your childcare isn't supportive.

Here's 3 ways to can make it work if you weren't sure it was possible:

1) Use cloth diapers part-time! Some is better than none, and even can help financially if you cloth part-time. Did you know you can get diapers for as little as $3-4 each?! That means you only need to use them 20ish times in order to more than pay for them and start saving with each use after.

2) There are SO many types of cloth diapers, some are just like using disposables except for the wash routine (so your childcare need not fret!). These are called AIOs (or pockets if you do the pre-stuffing for them). They just stick the diaper in a wet bag for you to take home instead of the trash, pretty simple. Check out some of my favorites here!

3) Rashes can be so tricky to navigate. We dealt with some while we used disposables, and this cream was helpful for that time and to have on hand, but honestly, getting natural fiber cloth diapers or with AWJ lining eliminated the rashes for us! And that's been worth the wash routine for our baby girl. Did you know you can do a speed wash/rinse and then just throw your clothes in with your diapers? It'd be like washing clothes they had a blowout in... not any different! So the water to wash is really pretty minimal and hasn't impacted our water bill at all. You can wash 1-2x per week just fine if you have enough diapers or only use cloth part-time. Pro tip: throw the diaper laundry in before bed and switch it to the dryer (on low!) at the nighttime or dream feed! Then it's ready to go in the morning without having to wait around for it.

So there you have it! Ready to jump into cloth diapering? I've found tons of support in this community if you have any questions about cloth diapers.


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