Advent Season & Hymn Study
Good evening, lovely people! ❤️

I don't know about you, but with another lockdown looming on the horizon and cold weather setting in, I've been feeling a bit lonely again. I am craving meaningful connection with people who are like-minded during this season and who are looking for deeper community. I know I need it desperately this year with everything going on in the USA and our world. 🤗

So I decided I'm going to lead an Advent hymns study this Advent season. ✝️

Here's details for the Advent Hymn study, if you want to join me! I have 19 people joining me already and there's always room for more.

You can get the Advent Hymns study

My plan is to do the study via Marco Polo (a video texting type app if you're not familiar with it) where we can connect more personally but not need to be in real time (like on Zoom, I'm so tired of Zoom... 😜), so download Marco Polo if you don't have it already. I think it will be the best fit for busy holiday schedules and time zones. 🎄 Let me know when you get the book so I can add you to the group. 🙂 We are introducing ourselves to each other up until the first week of Advent!

Be blessed, friends. 🥰


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