How I Personally Dealt With TMJD Naturally

Jaw issues can be a tricky thing... Many people (specialists included) don't know exactly what causes it, and for different people there can be different root issues or things that exacerbate it.

I personally believe that the body is inter-connected. We were made to be holistic beings and to care for our body, mind, spirit, and heart as whole beings!

So with that in mind, it took much trial and error for me, but with some changes to lifestyle and positive natural additions, I'm finally in a place of being physically well, emotionally well, relationally well, and spiritually well. There's always room for more growth, but I feel better than I have ever being on this wellness journey of discovery and progress.

5 Things That Have Impacted My TMJ For the Better

1. We cut out all sugar & caffeine, most dairy (esp. husband for his IBS), and most processed foods. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies. And einkorn for grain mostly. Part of our diet change also included some supplements that support joint health and overall wellness including energywhich has even helped my hair and nails grow longer and thicker and be less brittle. Who knew? More positives, I guess when you're going for naturally supporting the body. 

2. We also see a specialized chiropractor, and utilize something that helps us stay in alignment longer. I wear a custom splint on top at night so I slide instead of clench, though I personally think that mostly just protects my teeth than stops clenching.

3. Working on mindset and run-away emotions, as well as balancing hormones. I used to be a really anxious person, worrying about every little thing and blowing smaller worries out of proportion. If I went to a dr for that, maybe I would have been diagnosed, maybe not. But I have consciously worked REALLY hard to help myself focus on affirmations (truths rather than lies) to help me when I feel like it's harder than it should be.

4. Supplement where the body is deficient. This one may seem obvious, but I don't think it is! This includes joints, gut health, and ear/detoxing issues such as tinnitus. We live in a world that is broken, and with bodies that don't always do as they're supposed to -- but it wasn't meant to be this way! By providing our bodies high quality, bioavailable options to support where our bodies are lacking, we can live full lives more as we were created to. I've been able to do that very well, but the body takes TIME to heal. (This process can take months of consistency, so be patient. It didn't get "messed up" in a day, so it won't get "fixed" in a day either.)

5. Get good sleep. Sleep is foundational for so much of our health and wellness.

Curious about the specific things that have worked for me in each of these categories? Check out some of the links above, for starters, or check out the TMJ Strong course. I don't believe there's a one-size-fits-all for health & wellness, but I'm happy to be someone you can bounce ideas off of while on this natural wellness journey, or a listening ear to see what I can do to help you thrive rather than barely survive. I wish I'd had someone like that when I first started this journey. Happy to be that for you if you need it! I pray wellness and relief and abundance for you, friend. Be Blessed.


  1. Hanna Oliferchik  01/18/2021 04:08 PM Central
    Hi there. I've just found your website and your journey with TMD. I am struggling with it as well. Id like to knw what helped you the most. Can I join your group that you mentioned in your story?
    Andrea Orem AUTHOR  01/18/2021 05:43 PM Central
    Hi Hanna! So nice to meet you. Sorry you're struggling. You're welcome to contact me via the contact my button on my site to talk in further detail, or on FB at you can message me. The group you're referring to is Abundant Life Community here: -- you're welcome to join us! ~Andrea
  2. Hi Andrea... I would really appreciate it, if you could help me with my misalign jaw or hyper-mobility of disc.
    I’m in my 5th month and I tried all kinds of exercises for my TMJ and been seeing a PT for the pass months... but my TMJD is not improving the way I wanted to. Can you please contact me? Thank you so much.
    Andrea Orem AUTHOR  12/03/2020 06:47 PM Central
    Hi Tessa, thanks so much for reaching out! I'll email you. :) ~Andrea
  3. Hello Andrea,

    I've recently started developing TMJD in June, so I am not sure how this is going to progress for me. I do not know the cause but I put on FB that I am suspecting it got damaged via intubation during my gallbladder surgery in Jan, but I cant exactly pinpoint it there because I woke up and I was fine until June when I started noticing my jaw is popping. It actually gotten better now, very mild popping, but I want to be better 100%. Can you help me?
    Andrea Orem AUTHOR  09/05/2020 02:04 PM Central
    Hi Melissa! Thanks for reaching out! So sorry to hear that; I'm no dr, but I'd be happy to share more details to my story if it could help you find a natural route. I hope you can find some relief! Let's connect via email or messenger. ~Andrea
  4. Laura Martínez  08/16/2020 11:58 AM Central
    I have TMJ and I’m really struggling with all the symptoms.
    Andrea Orem AUTHOR  08/16/2020 01:40 PM Central
    Hi Laura! So sorry to hear that; I obviously can relate. I struggled for 6+ years myself. I'm no dr, but I'd be happy to be a cheerleader on your journey and support with problem solving if you want to try a more natural route. I hope you can find some relief! ~Andrea
  5. Hi,
    I love that you shared this on the Facebook TMJ Group.

    I am 51 and on birth control. My Dr. says I am healthy and she thinks I should stay on birth control for maybe another year.

    My cycle is barely nothing. Maybe three days of a few spots of new blood mixed with old blood.

    What are your thoughts on what supplements I could take to get my hormones maintained. My symptoms are horrible a week before cycle and during.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,
    LaRae Sloane
    Andrea Orem AUTHOR  08/09/2020 04:21 PM Central
    Hi LaRae! I'm no dr, but I'd be happy to share more details of my personal experience with you as far as helping my body and supporting my endocrine system naturally, so hopefully you can make your own decisions about how to address your situation. I'll email you. 🙂 ~Andrea

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