Benefits of the Bay Leaf
Bay leaves (laurus nobilis) have been used for centuries to season food, but how else are they beneficial?

  • Bay leaves may be beneficial when dealing with dandruff.
  • Bay leaves might help with gas.
  • Bay leaves can be good for skin.
  • Bay leaves may good for our joints.
Fun facts about bay leaves:
  • Don't ingest the actual leaf. It provides lots of flavor just by soaking in the liquids such as soup.
  • Ground bay leaf is safe to consume.
  • Oregano or thyme could be a substitute if you don't have any bay leaves.
  • Laurus nobilis comes in essential oil form! It has powerful properties in this form as well.
  • Bay leaf contains powerful antioxidants.
  • Bay leaf supports a healthy immune system.

*It is very important to know that not all essential oils are created equal...

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