Holistic Wellness
Our bodies, minds, emotions, thoughts, muscles, different systems that make our body function.... 
they are all connected. Really. And when I say connected, I don't just mean they are physically linked, 
though that is true. What I mean is that they all affect and impact each other. What I think affects how 
my body digests food. What I feel affects how my muscles respond. What I eat affects how I sleep. 
How I sleep affects how I think. How I think affects how I interact with others. How I interact with 
others affects my mood. My mood and thought patterns affect which digestive enzymes my 
pancreas secretes and how well (or not!) they help my body to digest food. Really. 

“We are not victims of our biology. We are co-creators of our destiny alongside God. 
God leads, but we have to choose to let God lead. We have been designed to create thoughts, 
and from these we live out our lives (Prov. 23:7).”

Whether you believe in God or not, we can all agree that we help shape our future; we are not 
victims of it. We cannot control what others do or what circumstances come our way, but we 
CAN control what we do, say, and think, and we CAN control how we respond to people and 
situations around us.

“Our choices—the natural consequences of our thoughts and imagination—get “under the skin” 
of our DNA and can turn certain genes on and off, changing the structure of the neurons in our 
brains. So our thoughts, imagination, and choices can change the structure and function of our 
brains on every level.

“Healthy thoughts can enhance the effects of good nutrition and mitigate the effects of bad 
nutrition—to a degree. In fact, healthy thoughts lead to better food choices. Eating and thinking 
are so intertwined that what you are thinking about before, during, and after eating will impact 
every single one of the 75–100 trillion cells in your body, including the cells of your digestive 
system. Your state of mind will have a negative or positive influence on your digestive health, 
and your digestive health will also have a negative or positive influence on your state of mind.”

For more information, I highly recommend reading Dr. Leaf's books, including the above quoted 
and Think Learn Succeed. So you see, we have much more control than we think we do. Take back 
that control. YOU are the gatekeeper of the food and products that enter your home. YOU are 
the gatekeeper of the media/books/relationships that enter your mind and thoughts and emotions. 
YOU get to choose. And I'm here to help you in any way that I can. I'm on this journey with you!

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