Creativity & Arioso in the Young Child
with Andrea Orem
For mamas of young children and/or who are homeschooling

Unlock the Power of Creativity & Arioso in Your Child's Education
Are you a homeschooling mama eager to infuse music into your classical home education with confidence? Do you want to ignite a passion for creativity and expression in your young learners without resorting to cheesy kids' music or videos?
Creativity & Arioso in the Young Child is a comprehensive course designed specifically for homeschooling mothers like you who want to incorporate music into their children's education with ease and effectiveness.

Module 1: Why is Creativity so important?
Discover why nurturing creativity is essential for your child's holistic development and academic success.
Module 2: Foundations of Music & the Young Child
Gain a solid understanding of music fundamentals and how they relate to your child's learning journey.
Module 3: Nurturing Creativity in the Young Child through Music
Learn practical strategies for fostering creativity through engaging musical activities and exercises.
Module 4: All About Arioso -- Philosophy & Types
Explore the rich philosophy behind Arioso and its various types, unlocking new dimensions of musical expression.
Module 5: Practical Applications of Arioso
Discover how to integrate Arioso techniques into your homeschooling curriculum, empowering your child to express themselves through music.
Module 6: Cultivating a Lifelong Love of Music
Learn how to instill a lifelong appreciation for music in your child, setting the stage for continued growth and exploration.

Bonus Materials:
  • How Arioso Leads to Future Improvisation: Uncover the pathway from Arioso to advanced improvisational skills, laying the groundwork for musical fluency.
  • Overcoming Challenges in Musical Learning: Arm yourself with strategies to navigate common hurdles in your child's musical journey with confidence.
  • Building Confidence in Musical Abilities: Equip yourself with tools to nurture your child's confidence and competence in music, empowering them to thrive.
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Who Is This Course For?
  • Homeschooling Moms: If you're a homeschooling mama seeking to enrich your child's education through music, this course is tailor-made for you.
  • Moms of Kids Birth-Age 8: Whether your child is just beginning their educational journey or is in the formative early years, this course provides valuable insights and practical tools for fostering creativity and musical development.
  • Moms Uncertain How to Incorporate Music into Their Homeschooling Aside from Traditional Lessons: If you find yourself unsure about how to integrate music beyond traditional piano lessons and practice routines, this course offers a fresh perspective and actionable strategies to infuse music seamlessly into your homeschooling curriculum and home life.
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by Andrea Orem, course creator